Red white and blue.

No...I'm not waving any flags. These are my colours for today.



2/7/20232 min read

Today is a red day. If you have read my previous blogs you will understand what this means. Under the terms of 'Tarif Tempo' Red days are prohibitively expensive. The fire has been lit earlier than usual , and we are immensely cheered by its red flames. All electricity usage has been cut to a minimum and we shall be cooking with gas, happy in the knowledge that we are not only saving money, but in our very small way, helping the planet. The fact that most red days have already been used up shows that winter has been consistently cold this year.



This morning we woke to a 'white out. We had been promised light rainfall this morning which was very much anticipated.. The source is totally dry and it has not rained for many weeks. Alas, the promised precipitation fell overnight as snow.

It is nearly three weeks since I last wrote my blog . Since then our Winter Wonderland has persisted. Pockets of snow have lingered in areas that the sun never reaches , and parts of our forest road have remained hard packed with ice. Despite endless sunny days and cloudless blue skies, the winds have been chill . We have never known such a long wintry spell.

And so , that is why we were not quite so excited this morning to see the snow return, beautiful though it might be.

By mid morning it had melted away, and all signs of our overnight visitors had been lost. Spring is definitely getting closer.

Blue is a complex colour. It is the colour of soulful music, and the colour of sadness. Today we feel blue because Covid has stealthily crept through our door and B. is currently suffering. Hopefully he is now on the mend.

An earthquake has struck Syria and Turkey. The devastation is enormous. This is so far beyond blue, the sorrow is incomprehensible.

We are blue because France is on strike. Our usual music channel 'France Musique' is playing on a loop, and ordinary people everywhere are dissatisfied.

Blue is the colour of gloveless hands , so we shall be covering up well if we take a brief walk.

Even in the depths of winter the sky is often a deep blue, so we feel the lure of spring, and dream of azure skies and boating on the deep blue ocean. We have just sold our gas guzzling beauty, and are looking afresh for a more modest affair. From this point, spring does not seem too far away.

So, perhaps all is not entirely blue in the forest today,

time lapse photography of sea wave
time lapse photography of sea wave

...and BLUE.