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5/9/20233 min read

It's nearly two weeks since my book was published and I now have three reviews... So how did it do ?

It is with a little pride , and an enormous amount of relief that I can tell you that my first three reviewers have greatly enjoyed reading my book. I reproduce their words below, together with their sources, so that you may read them for yourself. This has now given me the confidence to urge others to read my story. A big thank you to my reviewers for taking the time to pen a few words.

May 8, 2023 *****

I almost literally couldn’t put this book down - started it in the afternoon, finished it the same night with a break for supper. Well written, well constructed, an interesting and convincing cast of characters and a plot that draws the reader in and has historic salience. Definitely recommend.


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5.0 out of 5 stars A compelling story *****

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 2 May 2023 Verified Purchase

Because You Were There by Joan Lewis
This compelling story holds the reader’s attention right to the end. While it deals with serious issues, including racism at a personal and societal level, it does so through the experiences of three generations of a British Afro- Caribbean family and the friendship of one with a recently widowed ex teacher, Felicity. It transpires that Felicity taught the grandmother, Tina, when she first came from Jamaica to join her parents. Her inexperienced handling of the young girl has always troubled Felicity and is at the core of this story. All but the hardest of hearts will bristle at Tina’s more recent brush with officialdom and threat of deportation despite having lived most of her life in Britain and pursuing a very successful career. Relationships within the family and the community in which Felicity now lives are sensitively and often humorously drawn and this makes for a very readable and thought-provoking book.
Ian Forrest - Greystoke, Cumbria

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Reviews: Because You Were There (1) ****

by Derek Summerfield

“an evocative Windrush story”

This is an evocative story about a Windrush girl and her experiences over time in UK, and across generations. An excellent piece of social realist writing, even and lucid. I could see it as a reference text in secondary schools, bringing the Windrush story to life in narrative form. Recommended.


Please can you help?

My primary aim in writing this story was to bring home the terrible consequences that Britain's hostile immigration policy had on members of the Windrush Generation , like Tina , my heroine. Please can you tell others about my book .

Tina as a child: image from Black Wall St. Media revue.
Tina as a child: image from Black Wall St. Media revue.

June 22nd is Windrush Day

On June 22nd 1948 , 75 years ago, H.M.S. Empire Windrush landed at Tilbury Docks. Let us celebrate this Diamond Jubilee by acknowledging the contribution that this generation of migrants has made to our society, enriching our music, our culture, and helping to build our wonderful NHS system which is also celebrating its 75th year. Let's not forget that Tina's mum was herself a nurse in Britain, when Tina arrived to join her.

H.M.T Empire Windrush
H.M.T Empire Windrush
The National Windrush Monument at Waterloo Station
The National Windrush Monument at Waterloo Station