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9/20/20231 min read

It's over a year now since I began my blog and I feel gratified by the number of people who have read my wandering thoughts. I thank those of you who have sent comments, or passed on words of encouragement. I enjoy writing , and by exploring certain subjects more deeply I have learned and noticed new things. Moreover I feel secure in the knowledge that you may choose to read the things that interest you, and reject the rest , so hopefully I need not bore you! What's not to like about blogging?

I hope that you will continue to dip into this blog from time to time . However I shall only be posting a weekly blog on Mondays for the time being. This will enable me to concentrate on my next novel which has as its main topic disaffection and unhappiness amongst the young( see my latest blog comments on play. ) This is a theme that I have been nurturing for some time, but I really feel that I need to refine my writing, and bring my story up to date. Fear not...should I succeed in finding a publisher, which is never an easy task, you will find a message of hope and humour in there too, and a little dig at our politicians! Meanwhile at Domaine des Rochers the seasons will continue to unfold, and I shall continue to write weekly about it all.

A swallowtail butterfly in summer. time
A swallowtail butterfly in summer. time